Health Solutions

Daily routines require contacting many surfaces that create potential health hazards.

To promote facility health and cleanliness, Opening Technologies, Inc. is pleased to offer a wide range of products that will reduce the need for direct contact, spread of bacteria and other germs, and monitor areas for health safety concerns.

Hands Free Pulls & Operators icon

Hands Free Pulls & Operators

A wide range of products reduce the need for direct contact of door hardware.

From low-touch options such as arm pulls to completely hands-free options utilizing wave actuated door operators that can help prevent germ transmission as well as ADA compliance.

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Antimicrobial Materials

The healthcare industry has taken advantage of door hardware with an antimicrobial finish for years.

We are expanding this long-lasting clear coat finish option to products for all market segments including offices and schools, to help reduce the spread of bacteria and other germs. This can easily be incorporated into most new projects, but there are also cost-effective solutions available to add this feature to existing hardware.

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Cameras & Sensors with Analytics

Cameras and sensors continue to be valuable security investments for monitoring activity and responding to events.

Optional features such as thermal temperature readings and people sensing analytics can help manage health priorities as well as achieve security goals.

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Whether you’re in a construction, relocation, or growth phase, Opening Technologies is the only partner you need for complete opening solutions.

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