Automatic Doors

A door that doesn’t move is a wall. Swinging or sliding, doors are a major part of a building. Opening Technologies employs AADMS-certified installers who can service and repair most operators and automatic doors.



Traditional man doors can be or are required to be opened automatically with a ‘knowing act.’ This is most commonly done with a overhead power operator in place of a door closer with wall mounted buttons/actuators. Opening Technologies is also concerned with how the door is unlock/unlatch properly and constantly.

  • LCN
  • Tormax
  • Falcon


More and more main entrance are being upgraded to fully automatic sliding doors. These assemblies allow for more foot traffic per minute, are easier on the building HVAC systems and give spaces a modern look and feel. Opening Technologies is also concerned with maintaining proper egress and integration with the building access control systems.

  • Tormax